From Previous Clients


Allison & Matt

We can't say enough good things about Caitlin. She was incredible, loving, kind, and so talented. She truly cared about our wedding day and helping us make it exactly as we imagined! As a bride and groom, who were a bit uninterested in the details, she helped keep us engaged in the planning and actually enjoy it! I will always look back on my wedding planning process as a happy time and something I enjoyed - and it's because of Caitlin. Needless to say, the actual day was just as flawless - the most magical day of our lives in large part because Caitlin handled and managed everything so well. If you are planning a wedding - I HIGHLY recommend Caitlin! She is top notch.



Elizabeth & Andrew

We started working with Caitlin early on in her career, and she went above and beyond for us: helping us plan the timeline, working directly with vendors and best yet, not allowing me to stress AT ALL on our wedding day. She asked us questions throughout the process that I didn't think of and was truly a delight to work with! We're so happy we worked with Caitlin & her team!



Emily & Jordan

We’re not sure where to begin with this review because Caitlin went above and beyond with every last detail for our wedding. She stopped at nothing to make sure we had the best day of our lives and nothing we could say would translate to how appreciative we are for all that she did.

There were numerous occasions where Caitlin, in our opinion, surpassed her duties as a wedding planner to offer her help and expertise. She joined us for vendor visits, helped us with budgeting and always gave solid advice at any time of the day. She’s well-versed in the planning business and was a big help when it came to suggestions and recommendations. She’s cool, calm and collected and at all times, all while getting the job done and she’s ALWAYS responsive and willing to help. From frantic texts in the morning about bridesmaid dress disasters to late night FaceTime sessions to go over day-of details, she makes herself readily available and passes no judgment.

Caitlin is responsible, detail-oriented, professional, and as NICE AS CAN BE! One thing that gives Cait a huge advantage as a planner is her positive attitude and outlook. She’s such a sincere and optimistic person, which is what you need in a planner. Her positive perspective always brightened those days where we were feeling stressed.

Something we really love about Caitlin is how she listened and accepted all of our ideas. We had a lot of hands-on / DIY aspects to the design/decor of our wedding and Caitlin was a big help in making things happen. She also keeps all of your vendors looped in. Her constant communication with our vendors put us in a great place mentally on our wedding day. We had zero worries because we had Caitlin had everything under control well ahead of time.

Our families could not have been happier with Cait and we all agree that hiring her was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.

Not only did we get a wedding planner for our wedding day, we gained a lifelong friend. Our dog Ruby absolutely adores her too! (She’s a huge dog person! #points)

If anyone is looking for a planner, we promise you will go no wrong with Caitlin. Cait, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Our wedding was a dream!



Emily & Brandon

Caitlin is no joke! From day one, she helped us tremendously and handled everything on our wedding day! I was one of those brides who thought "Oh, we have plenty of time, and I am organized, I don't need a wedding planner." Boy, was I mistaken. It's overwhelming to start the planning process and keeping track, so having someone who is familiar with the wedding industry after working at The Knot and WeddingWire, was PERFECT!

Caitlin has different package options so you can choose what fits best with your budget and the amount of help you want/need from just day-of coordinator to full planning. We chose a middle option where it started with her suggesting and reaching out to vendors for pricing all the way through day-of. The price was VERY reasonable, especially after it's all said and done how much she did for us! We couldn't of asked for a better planner and now friend. She setup a Google Drive with a vendor spreadsheet that she was consistently updating, which made being organized VERY easy. It also made it easy to quickly take a look at that to see where we were in the process. She was extremely quick to respond to my emails/comments/concerns, which as a bride was very reassuring.

Not only is she organized, Cait couldn't be a nicer human being. She never made us feel judged when we were talking about decor or how the day should go. Pretty much whatever we wanted she wanted to make happen, within reason of course. On the day of our wedding, it was a little rainy in the AM. She calmly reassured me if we wanted to have it outside in a little rain, people will get over it. She was out there drying wet chairs before guests arrived and was totally on board. (We ended up doing it outside, the weather cleared, and it couldn't have been more perfect).

If you're reading this review as a bride-to-be and on the fence about needing a planner, you do and should contact Caitlin Krebs Events NOW! Do not pass her up. From the first time you speak with her you will be relieved that you did!



Brit & Doug

Caitlin is beyond amazing and choosing her to plan my wedding was one of the best decisions I made! After being together for over 8 years, my fiancé and I got engaged in January 2016. I’ve always wanted an October wedding, but was concerned that 9 months would be too short of a time frame to plan one with our busy schedules. However, Caitlin assured me from the start that it was possible. By May, I had all my vendors booked and was able to relax and enjoy the rest of my engagement without any stress! I never thought I would be so comfortable letting someone else help plan one of the most important events of my life, but I had complete confidence in Caitlin’s ability throughout the entire process. She was always available when I needed to talk and provided me with invaluable advice. While it’s easy to get lost in all of the small details, Caitlin makes sure to keep you focused on the important things. She helped us find the perfect venue, communicated with all the vendors, and provided me with unique decor and design ideas. Even though I live in Brooklyn, NY, and my venue is in Newport, RI, Caitlin showed an exceptional ability to coordinate all the details of my wedding from a distance. Both my fiancé and I are extremely grateful for Caitlin’s help in making our wedding everything we dreamed of and more. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to have a stress-free wedding planning experience!



Ann & Shaun

Where to begin? I am absolutely in awe at how smoothly everything went for our big day! When I contacted Caitlin over a year ago, I knew that she would be the perfect person to help coordinate our wedding. From beginning to end, she was responsive, helpful, kind, and the most organized person ever (and that is coming from a pretty organized bride). From six weeks out, she took over contacting our vendors and handling any last-minute situations, and right up until the end of our wedding night, she was tackling everything that the day threw at her. Throughout the night, we got so many compliments on how smoothly everything ran and how awesome the wedding was – all thanks to Caitlin! I cannot give a higher recommendation. Even if you think you don't need a wedding planner on your big day, you absolutely do! Thank you, thank you, thank you Caitlin for making our day the most perfect ever!



Stacey & Chris

Caitlin was the absolute best at making our wedding a dream come true. She was super organized and took initiative in coordinating vendors. You really have no idea how much goes into it all, especially the few weeks before the big day! It was beyond helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get great advice for what works. Caitlin does amazing work and I highly recommend her to help at any capacity with your wedding!



Kim & Matt

I would like to first start with the ending...Matt and I are SO incredibly grateful for Caitlin. She was one of the best wedding investments we made!

...Now, back to the beginning...I was one of those brides who thought, "I am going to be wise with my spending. I am creative, I have a good vision, I can do this without a coordinator. I don't need to spend that extra money." Well, I quickly learned how wrong I was and thanks to my sister-in-law, I was connected with Caitlin. Caitlin helped me to immediately realize how much I was going to need her and how blessed I would be to benefit from her talents. Her honesty is refreshing and something every bride needs when they are feeling that overwhelm of indecision and never ending lists of 'to-do' tasks. I think what I appreciated most about Caitlin was that she respected my vision and uniqueness and only helped to grow that even more (instead of shape it into her own desires). Caitlin is sweet with the perfect dose of assertive where needed. She is professional yet so kind and personable. She is the perfect combination of all traits you would want and need from a coordinator. For any of those brides out there thinking to themselves, "Do I really need to spend money to hire a coordinator?", my answer is YES...if you find yourself someone as capable as Caitlin is. She helped me to make my wedding dreams become a reality and I am forever grateful to her. I certainly recommend Caitlin to any bride and/or groom out there doing their 'vendor research' ; she is an investment you will never regret making and a person you will be so pleased to have had blessed your lives



Krista & Gavin

We booked Caitlin (her mid-package), and it was the BEST decision we made. I am very type A, and was wondering whether I would be able to let go of the reigns, but after realizing I knew nothing about wedding planning, we booked her from a referral. She really helped navigate the process of booking vendors since I had no idea where to start with many of them (flowers, band, etc.). On the day of, she took care of everything so I didn't have to worry about a thing. And even when I had a couple questions she had already thought about it and had come up with a solution. I would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone



Jess & Steve

Booking Caitlin as our day-of coordinator was hands down the best investment we made during our wedding planning! As a Type A planner myself, I was excited for the whole wedding process and didn’t consider hiring a wedding planner at the beginning. However, as I got closer to the big day, I realized that despite all my planning there would still be so much coordination needed that day, and I didn’t want to put that burden on my family or myself. Caitlin’s day-of coordinator package was the perfect solution.

Caitlin’s “day-of” services are really more “month-of” as she will coordinate with all the vendors on timeline and logistics several weeks before the wedding. Caitlin was even willing to work with me 2-3 months in advance on the timeline since I really wanted to have that set as soon as I could. Her expertise made creating the timeline easy and then her work throughout the day ensured we stuck to the schedule and got everything we wanted from the big day!

Besides being such a talented professional, Caitlin is a total sweetheart and feels more like a friend than vendor, especially during the last couple stressful weeks! I was so happy to have her by my side that day - from delivering food to our rooms while we prepped in the morning to driving myself and my husband back to the hotel after party. We could not have had the amazing wedding we did without her!